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This year, as with most years, I have a few resolutions. Some I will follow through with, but it would be unrealistic to think that at least one won’t get lost in the dust. However, my big resolution this year is one that I fully plan on following through with, and that is simply to say “yes.”

Say yes to every opportunity that is thrown my way, whether it’s something I’m familiar with or something that is miles outside of my comfort zone. I started to do this last year after a girl in my public speaking class mentioned that it was her rule for herself, and for that I think owe the fact that I bungee jumped, participated in a segment for CTV, among many other things. In retrospect, these are things that I would probably just shied away from if not for the “yes” mindset.

So, here’s to 2013 being full of experiences that I would never ever in my wildest dreams see myself doing!


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