“Reading” Break!

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Ah the week that I had been counting down to since September – reading week! Let me tell you, very little academic reading was done, although I did get my fair share of trash-mag reading. The destination was supposed to be Montreal, somewhere that we (mom, dad and I) all would like to visit eventually… but unfortunately February is not the ideal time for us spoiled west-coasters to travel to Quebec – way too cold. So, somehow, we ended up in Los Angeles, and none of us know how we came to that decision, but I’m glad that we did.

Good times were had. We stayed in a boutique hotel in West Hollywood called Petit Ermitage and all three of us absolutely adored the hotel, its staff, the rooftop restaurant and definitely the jar of cookies at the entrance (I think this was dad’s favourite part.) Being in West Hollywood was SO nice. I had no say in choosing the hotel but my parents did an incredible job, especially with the location. “WeHo” was such a good spot… imagine Davie Street stretching out into an entire city and there you have West Hollywood (maybe mix in some sunshine.) So safe, and so close to Melrose Ave, Sunset Blvd, etc etc etc, where there’s such good shopping and… RESTAURANTS!

I willingly tried foods that you could not even have PAID me to try just a year or two ago. Example A: oysters and prawn. Example B: pig’s head (tasted just like pulled pork), ox tongue (braised beef but better), and beef heart! Why? I have no idea. I suppose I finally realized that the entire point of travelling is experiencing new things yadda yadda, so I sucked it up. And I’m sure glad I did, although I can feel myself becoming more of a “foodie,” which yes, is a word that drives me crazy but YES I just used it. That annoyance with the word is mostly due to the “#foodies” who post pictures of White Spot burgers and sushi but I digress.

I am absolutely dying to get back to LA one day… Disneyland, not so much – one day there is enough to tide me over until I have a ten-year-old. I really hope I can fit LA back in my plans sometime soon but until then I’ll settle for this rainy city I suppose.


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