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City Girl Goes Country

Albeit under unfortunate circumstances, I got to spend Friday with my family up in the Kootenays. It’s sad that it takes a wedding or, in this case, a funeral to get a whole family together, but when it does happen it’s really something special. My Martin relatives are spread all across the Northwest and oohhh boy are they all somethin’ else. We spent the day down (up? I’m not sure) a mountain by the creek where my Uncle Jeff owned property and had a house in the works. It’s really something else down there; there is no cell phone service, there are no neighbours within a long long distance, and I was constantly thinking a bear was just going to wander up and join the party. This. Is. The. Country.┬áDad looked like a little kid when my cousins let him shoot their guns, and he still has a cut on his nose to show for that… pretty sure he doesn’t want it to go away just so he has a story to tell. I also was forced into shooting some sort of rifle, which wasn’t nearly as much fun as people make it seem. We had sausages barbecued up by my Uncle Joe and sat around sipping Kootenay beer and swapping stories. I even found a discoloured pair of flip flops and a pair of shorts that I’d left there last summer… safe to say I got made fun of for that. It was a really great day under really terrible circumstances, but it was a day I’ll remember for a long time. Currently thankful for this weekend and thankful for this family.