Summer Lovin’

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I was kind of dreading summer in all honesty; I just wanted to fast forward to September when I’ll have routine and can wear jeans, sweaters and boots.

Then this weekend happened. 

Friday night, I drove out to hang out with a girl I called my best friend from the time I was two years old until probably 16ish. We’d kept in brief contact but hadn’t spent any time together for the last five years, then decided to go out together on the Friday to catch up. It was crazy how her and her family still feel like my family even after all these years; I love all four of them  tons. The night was super fun, we just danced and laughed and had a crazy good time. 

Saturday, I woke up a bit um, under the weather, but a copious amount of water followed by a long drive home in the sunshine with the windows down and music blaring cured me pretty quickly. I got to spend the morning poolside with three of my best friends catching up on the weekend’s events and tie dying. My tie dye actually worked out well for once! Say it ain’t so. 

Mad had to go to work in the afternoon so Tay, Dar and I went to the beach with about 10 other people (who knew I had that many friends?) and it was way too much fun. I have this bizarre fear of open water so it was tough going further than a couple meters into the water, butttttt… I did it! It was so much fun and the water was crazy warm, like, warmer than the pool. 

The bliss of spending 24 hours with some of my favourite people on earth put a massive smile on my face alllllll day. Then my alarm went off at 5:30am this morning and that smile was nowhere to be found…


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